This is Norske tog

Norske tog is a leading specialist environment within the purchasing, adaptation and management of railway vehicles. Norske tog follows technological developments, is familiar with the international railway industry and has expert knowledge of Norwegian conditions.

The company’s activities comprise of procuring, owning and managing rolling stock*, which shall preferentially be used for the execution of passenger transport by train as a public service obligation. The company’s rolling stock shall be offered on competition-neutral terms. The company also has an advisory function with respect to the Norwegian state. The company shall operate efficiently.

Norske tog AS is 100% owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications and is a Category 4 company, which means that the state has sector policy objectives for ownership.

Financial key figures (MNOK)

Financial key figures (MNOK) 2018 2017
Operating proft 426 268
Pre-tax proft 324 152
Proft for the year 279 143
Net cash fow 2,012 357
Working capital 1,955 188
Equity 2,835 2,566
Equity ratio 21 % 23 %
Return on equity 10,9 % 6,30 %

*Norske tog uses the following terms for the rolling stock the company owns: rolling stock, railway vehicle, train, vehicle, passenger train, materiel, trainset and passenger train vehicle.


Norske tog shall be a leading, future-oriented and financially sound company that provides a sufficient number of safe, reliable and up-to-date passenger train vehicles.

By so doing, the company shall help to make passenger train transport attractive in Norway and contribute to «The Green Shift».