Norske tog AS’ leader group from left, Linda Marie Venbakken, Kjell-Arthur Abrahamsen, Øystein Risan, Iren Marugg and Luca Cuppari.

Norske tog is a knowledge-based company boasting experienced employees with top-level technical expertise.

More than two years have passed since Norske tog AS was set up, at which time 32 person-years were transferred from NSB to the newly established company. At the end of 2018, Norske tog had 32 employees – four women and 28 men – across four departments. Norske tog’s employees include engineers with specialist skills within all areas of vehicle technology systems. The organisation also has project managers and an administration that ensures that Norske tog is run safely and efficiently as a futureoriented and financially sound materiel company.

Employee strategy

Norske tog has a competence matrix that provides an overview of positions, roles, duties, skills requirements, and any requirements for certification and training. Some positions in Norske tog involve duties that require thirdparty certification. Certification of this nature is carried out on an ongoing basis and as required. Since Norske tog operates in an international industry subject to rapid technological development, further training and staying up to date with industry developments are important. The company maintains a record of the individual employee’s experience and skills, which together with employee appraisals forms the basis for a skills development plan for each individual.

Norske tog seeks to collaborate with academia and other players on research and development.
Future recruitment will take account of both gender and age composition in the organisation.

Ethical guidelines for employees in Norske tog

The reputation and trust enjoyed by Norske tog depend on our employees’ professionalism and capability, and require high ethical standards. All employees are expected to behave with due care, integrity and objectivity, and to refrain from actions that may damage trust in the company. Norske tog’s Board of Directors has adopted ethical guidelines applicable to all employees, as well as others representing Norske tog by assignment or office.

The ethical guidelines cover areas such as loyalty, impartiality and conflict of interests, and establish that Norske tog shall work actively to counter all forms of corruption. Gifts or payments of a personal nature that may compromise the recipient’s integrity or may give such an impression must not be accepted. Suppliers and partners are expected to follow ethical standards in line with Norske tog’s ethical framework.

Norske tog’s ethical guidelines contain provisions on whistleblowing and information on consequences of infringements.


Internal updating and engagement of all employees is a goal for Norske tog. Townhall and regular departmental meetings are held, and internal updates provided on all matters concerning the company’s operations.